Our Wall Of Fame

04 Mar 2016Winning


Here at Harrah’s Resort SoCal we are always trying to make things bigger, better and FUNNER for our guests. So when 2016 rolled around we took a look around our resort to find some places where we could step up our game. One spot that immediately stood out to us was our Year of the Millionaire Winner’s Wall, located adjacent to the Promotions Center. This area has been utilized to honor our big Year of the Millionaire winners, but we felt that the design wasn’t really capturing the energy surrounding these winners. So we decided to infuse some fun into it.

The idea to redesign the wall landed on the desk of our Graphic Content Specialist Dora Rowe in late 2015. Once given the green light to redesign the wall from the ground up, Dora had less than 30 days to determine a look and get the wall updated with these new details.

When it came to conceptualizing the design for the wall there were some pretty wild ideas thrown out, many of which included using lights, sounds and even animatronics. After some research though, a few ideas were nixed. Sound would have been drowned out and animatronics, while cool looking, might break too easily. 

So with some vetting done, Dora knew that she needed to create something that celebrated our winners, was eye catching and had some interactive elements for our guests. She had just over a week to complete the design of the wall so that the construction could get started, so it’s a good thing that her very first design was a hit.

With the directive to make things FUNNER Dora’s new look required some serious electrical work, so detailed in fact that a false wall needed to be built to house all of the wires, cords and electrical equipment. But it was without a doubt worth it!

The redesigned wall now features two interactive elements. The first being an Alice in Wonderland style “Press Me” button. But never fear, this button will not make you shrink—though it will start a lighting sequence that is designed to take you on a journey through our monthly Year of the Millionaire winners.

“What I really want guests to come away with is the idea that anyone can press this button and anyone can win,” Dora says

In addition to highlighting our past winners, Dora wanted to build excitement around the idea of becoming a millionaire. To do this she added a photo opportunity to the wall. Remember the old Publishers Clearing House commercials, with winners holding up huge checks? Dora created a giant check guests can jump behind for a photo op, giving them a taste of winning a million bucks!

So the next time you find yourself on the casino floor, take a moment to check out this unique “Winners Wall,” press the button and take your photo. With just the right amount of luck you might find your face lit up on the wall soon enough!