An Impressive Win

22 Jan 2021Winning

The Impressive Progressive Jackpot rains its first winner in cash!

Money Money Money!

“It’s the Impressive Progressive!” Has that Funner, CA tune gotten stuck in your head yet? If not, have a listen here. You’re welcome! Harrah’s Resort SoCal is excited to crown the first winner to hit the Impressive Progressive Jackpot. Raking in a whopping $208,900 from playing Three Card Poker, we showered winner Heather Sund in confetti and cash! 

A Regal Jackpot

Over $200K, that’s a lot of cheddar for one $5 bet right? And there’s more where that came from. To date the Impressive Progressive has had 292 guests win a prize in the last three months and the jackpot is currently at $657,415! Want to get in on the action? Good, here’s how. 

  • The $5 side bet for the Impressive Progressive can be played at all (that’s right), all 50 table games on the casino floor. 
  • Simply place your side bet while playing your favorite table game and rake in that dough! 
  • Hitting the Impressive Progressive offers prizes ranging from a fixed dollar amount up to 100% of the jackpot. 

Who will take the stage?

Now here’s the real question, what will you buy if you hit the Impressive Progressive Jackpot? A private island? A booze cruise to the moon? The possibilities are endless when you win life changing cash from the Impressive Progressive!