15 Apr 2019Giving

The Chocolate Champions bring home another victory

What does it take to be a chocolate champion? How about 90 lbs of chocolate and a week’s worth of sculpting for starters. Melt in San Diego’s finest chocolate sculptors vying for top honors at the San Diego Youth Services’ Creations in Chocolate event and you have yourself a heart-warming exhibition of culinary genius.

Chocolate sculpture essentials

In case you haven’t noticed, Harrah’s Resort SoCal is highly invested in our community so when San Diego Youth Services invites you back to their prestigious event you get to sculpting! And that’s exactly what chefs Matt Lawa and Alicia Milanowski did.

Working with a whopping 90 lbs of chocolate our sugar specialists melted, sculpted, painted and constructed a beautiful Suzy Spafford inspired creation. Featuring graceful storks, decadent lotus blossoms and a custom-painted easel by chef Matt himself featuring all of “Suzy’s Zoo” characters (yes it’s all chocolate!), their tedious work was rewarded with a “Best in Theme” award! “I look forward to this event every year because I can express my art for a good cause.” says chef Matt. “It’s super fun to do what I love.”

The sculpture begins to take shape

The night was full of love, laughter and chocolate… lots of chocolate! And the final result? A full night of support and donations for our at-risk youth and their families to help them grow and reach their potential.

A pretty sweet motivation if we’ve ever heard it.